The political line @ the Kunsthal.

Keith Haring is in Rotterdam. For real. His drawings are visible all over the city and ofcourse in the subways. I really like how this creates a buzz around the exhibition as well as almost reproducing some of his spirit. Keith Haring is been gone for 25 years but his works today still speak to a lot of people.

And in his short live (he only reached the age of 31) he created tons of art. In the Kunsthal his works are shown on a timeline so you can experience how he has evolved and how the world around him did. He was an activist and he spoke through his drawings. “Drawings became my vocabulary”

Keith Haring (almost) never titled his drawings. I frequently caught myself first looking at the painting but then to the little sign next to it, out of habit I guess, trying to learn more about the work by reading the title the artist gave to his piece. But there it is, another sign ‘ Untitled’. He wanted to express his point of view but he wanted everyone to look at his works without any preconceptions. Ofcourse that’s why he made his drawings so simple and easy to understand. His words: “Images can function like words”

I really enjoyed the exhibition and can definitely recommend a visit. To be inspired by the works of Keith Haring but also to travel through time and see the issues that were present at that time (f.e. drugs, aids, equal rights, the war in Iraq, Berlin wall) This made me think about how he would he would address the issues we are facing today and through which medium…

Tip: To refresh your memory a bit before visiting the exhibition you can watch the short documentery on ‘uitzending gemist’. Also

Fun fact: in 1986 he opened his own store the “ popshop” in lower Manhatten where he sold his own merchandise; t-shirts, buttons and prints. He wanted his drawings to become part of the the mass culture instead of taking it back and hiding it into the art world.

The Keith Haring exhibition, the political line @ the Kunsthal from 20th of September 2015 to 7 February 2016.