Today, the start of spring 2015 (yay!) I visited the museum of photography to look at the exhibition of Rotterdam images, but actually I was most impressed by the permanent & interactive exhibition: the darkroom: Extraordinary pictures from the history of Dutch photography.

The exhibition The Darkroom in the Nederlands Fotomuseum is the first and only permanent presentation in The Netherlands about the history of Dutch photography. Drawing from the museum’s rich collection, the exhibition brings over 185 years of Dutch photography to life.

By placing a paper in a developing tray you are able to activate the different stories behind a photo and bring them to life, which is awesome. I specially enjoyed the ‘story’ about old photo albums. They where still so special back then and created with so much attention to detail. In none of the ‘city photography’ we images of people because the camera’s couldn’t yet capture the movement. So when you visited say Moscow you brought home a photo album from the city which you showed (with much pride) to family members but they where never displayed themselves, it was the same photoalbum any other person could have brought with them. Hard to imagine in the current world when a holiday isn’t complete without a selfie of yourself in the most exotic locations.

Walking through the uppper floor of the museum where the Rotterdam exhibition was, perhaps because it was super busy? a bit of a dissappointment, I missed the “Rotterdam experience”. The innovation, the city it is today. The entire expo felt a bit chaotic (which perhaps was the point..) but I wasn’t feeling it.
Anyways the darkroom exhibition which is permanent and on display untill I believe 2016 is definitely a tip to go and see.