Project Description

Bar branding – TREK and Mysteryland

Sodabar 2019 at Mysteryland


Design of the logo and brand identity for the SodaBAR.

The name SodabAR goes all the way back to the history of sodas.

A soda fountain is a device that dispenses carbonated soft drinks, called fountain drinks.
Often housed together with apothecaries, the ornate, baroque soda fountain counter served as a meeting place for people of all ages and became especially popular as a legal place to gather duringĀ Prohibition. By the 1920s, just about every apothecary had a soda fountain.

the concept of the SodaBAR in 2016 was to provide the rich experience of those days with the wide choice of current day soda’s.
For the logo design we had 2 main challenges:

  1. How many people in the Netherlands are familiar with Soda, concept and history?
  2. Making sure that there was no misconception about it being a bar, where you can get drinks. Easy scannable.


On Trek festival the Sodabar was a foodtruck style car. Visitors were able to order all soda’s off the menu’s and request a special combination.
For Mysteryland a special round area with swings was created on the eat your heart out area at the festival foodcourt. Guests could order pre made Mysteryland drinks and drinks were served in unique ways.


My role

  • Concept of logo
  • Logo pitch
  • Logo design
  • Art direction on photography
  • Art direction on menudesign
  • Art direction overall


CCEP – Thijs de Vos, Noor Boukema, Anouk Maas.
Photography – Mees fotografie
Production – Contain.r, Schaalwerk


TREK festival 9 cities in the Netherlands. +/- 300.000 visitors
Mysteryland festival 3 day weekend festival. 100.000 visitors.


The result at TREK foodtruck festival

Result at Mysteryland festival

Sodabar at Mysteryland 2017