Project Description

Master of Art graduation ‘individual project’. Created this installation titled ‘Bling yourself’ in 2005 with help from NOVIB, Stichting Zinloos Geweld & Globalicious. The installation itself looked interesting and made people very curious because of 3 screens in the installation where you could, as onlooker, watch the ‘bling’ happening. So you really wanted to experience it for yourself.
The concept behind it found it’s base in getting young people to get some awareness about what to do to help this wonderful world. And that by working on a volunteer basis you could infact help a lot of people but also yourself (meeting new people, developing skills, getting experience in a specific field etc)
It was pretty interactive, you could choose from different movies while laying on the installation and when you’re finished there was a printer linked to the installation and you got to keep your own ‘ Bling yourself gameplan’ which was different for everyone and was a real call to action to jumpstart your Bling :-)

The ‘Bling yourself’ installation found its way to some mayor festivals inl f.e. Lowlands, Mysteryland, Solar Festival, Extrema festival and was exposed at the graduation show from the HKU.