Project Description

Coca-Cola experience design at JC ArenA

JC Arena Coca-Cola bottle design


Integrate Coca-Cola visibility in the Glasgow restaurant (max. 400 capacity) of the Johan Cruiff Arena in Amsterdam


The question to me at first was to integrate Coca-Cola branding in the restaurant. This with focus on the bar. This being the order zone. We created some brand element, like Coca-Cola bottle vases and crates which worked really well in the bar design. But while walking around and talking with the people of the ArenA they showed a wall, they hadn’t yet found a meaning for and where, if I had an idea to make this pop, space to do some kind of branding as well.

The wall had a few challenges, the form was not straight, and the bottom had to have easy acces for maintenance reasons. Also the design really had to be all about the JC ArenA and work well in the mood of the Glasgow restaurant. Besides that this was a great opportunity for extra visibility.

My role

Concept pitch
Concept development
Visual design
Art direction


CCEP – Noor Boukema
Visual technical design bottles and sleeves – Eshuis
Production – Het Gevonden voorwerp

Presentation of inspiration for branding at Glasgow restaurant. This visual in combination with the space in mind, stood out.

Selected photo I believed worked best for the bottle wall, from a photo collection of the JC ArenA.

JC Arena Coca-Cola bottle design

Test prints (Eshuis) to select the best material size, print and color options

Final blueprint of the bottle wall. Heights and depth of the cabinet, amount of bottles and how the print is distributed over the bottles. Each of them a unique print. We left part of the sleeve of the bottle transparant to emphasise the use of Coca-Cola bottles. I decided to use a white logo. Blends in well with the entire look and on a single bottle it looks classic. The entire background of the cabinet is printed with the same picture as on the bottles. Every bottle is fixed to make sure we won’t loose any bottles. Production bottles by Eshuis. Production wall by het gevonden voorwerp. 

The result at the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam

CocaCola bottle wall

A space that is an experience in the restaurant. The entire wall is well lighted, the bottles stand out. The photo of the Johan Cruyff ArenA is super visible in a unique way.

 It won’t go unnoticed but also works well in the entire design of the restaurant. The reactions of the public and the JC ArenA were very positive.