Project Description

Brand experience design

Fuze Tea at NSJ


Birdland at North Sea Jazz festival is the VIP guest area with around 1500 guests visiting this VIP area, during the weekend.
Guests are welcomed with a drink and this experience is their special moment. A chance to wow them and set the mood.
With the Fuze Tea brand, the challenge in 2018 was to create this moment.

Create a unique North Sea Jazz cocktail and mocktail and serve this true to the brand and true to the festival.


We decided with an hourglass dress. This symbolised time and more important taking me time.
The payoff of Fuze Tea being “pour yourself some me-time”

The skirts had pockets for the Fuze Tea bottles which the girls could use to “top” the drinks.

Costume 1 – Chamomile plant – from the ingredients of the Fuze Tea Mango Chamomile
Costume 2 – Hibiscus flower – from the ingredients of the Fuze Tea Peach Hibiscus

Drinks were served with special add ons like passion fruit and silver pearls & dry ice for a full experience.

My role

Art direction

The impact

Welcoming 1500 VIP guests of the internationally know North Sea Jazz festival in 2018. North Sea Jazz has over 75.000 visitors during those days.
Guests really loved the drinks and the experience and many many photographs of visitors with the girls were taken.


Costume- Zell productions
Girls – Zell productions
Choreography – Zell productions
Serving tray in the form of a Fuze Tea leave – Het gevonden voorwerp
Bar tenders + recipes drinks – ISAAC company
Photography – Mees photography
CCEP – Noor Boukema
All in collaboration with Mojo Concerts