Project Description


Brand identity SodaBAR

PART 1 – the SodaBAR design process for TREK foodtruck festival. (9 cities in the Netherlands. +/- 300.000 visitors)
PART 2 – the SodaBAR design process for Mysteryland festival. 2017, 2018, 2019 (200.000 visitors)

Design of the logo for the SodaBAR.


the SodabAR goes all the way back to the history of sodas. The invention of carbonated drinks, soda fountains in pharmacies.
the SodaBAR gives the rich experience of those days with the wide choice of current day soda’s.
In 2016 those times where relived. the SodaBAR has a rich portfolio of choices.


1_How many people are familiar with the word Soda?
2_ Making sure that is was obvious to everyone that it is in fact a Bar where you can get drinks.

The result at TREK foodtruck festival
PART 2. Design process for Mysteryland festival
Sodabar at Mysteryland 2017

Using all the learnings from the SodaBAR at TREK foodtruck festival. Transform this to the specific needs and wants for ID&T and the Mysteryland festival.

Central area of the foodcourt.
Visualizing unique Mysteryland festival mocktails and ingredients to make sure the soda choices are highly visible and refreshing and the visitor is aware they can mix their own.

Mysteryland is the largest weekend dance festival in the Netherlands with over 200.000 visitors.

My role
  • Visual identity SodaBar
  • Art direction, mocktail photoshoot menu’s.
  • Concept & design of the menu panels.
The result at Mysteryland festival
In collaboration with

CCEP – Thijs de Vos, Noor Boukema, Anouk Maas.
Photography – Mees fotografie
Production – Contain.r, Schaalwerk