Project Description

UX lead – Educational platform Snelle Skills



Development of Snelle Skills, an educational and development platform for Horeca owners to train staff with quick but valuable bite size trainings and trainingspaths to learn quickly, win prizes and participate in social challenges. On the go or at home.

Results: 8,3 review of trainings, valued by horeca owners and staff, time saving and uplifting (x%).


I worked 2 months consulting, together with Horeca Heroes and Isobar (Achtung) on UX and UI design, persuasive copywriting, art direction on logo and photography. After launch in february of 2020, I worked as the lead UX/UI designer.
Organising and facilitating usability test, product roadmapping and UX strategy. Projectscope ranging from social challenges to marketing automation analysing user data, optimizing persona’s, UX flows and user journeys and data analysing, learning & optimising.


Lead UX
Creative direction
Workshop facilitation
Data analytics, GA, GTM, Datastudio
Presenting to stakeholders
Usability tests
Snelle Skills trainingenSnelle Skills