Project Description

UX – Online member platform


Brief: Clear insights for the redesign of the existing member platform
Result: 24/7 online dashboard with clear KPIs and tracking
Goals: Provide clear insights in the users and data and then develop a live KPI dashboard


Started this project by analyzing the current situation. I organized live usability tests with new and existing users. I then focused on getting the right data. Integration of 2 platforms and tracking the accurate user flows. Setup of different KPIs through goals in the GA dashboard or custom reports for easy tracking via email at a moment of choice. Since there were a lot of opportunities for improvement there was a need for focus. Creating a POV problem statement helped me define the problem and to come up with possible solutions.
Development of the first user persona. Based on data and user interviews. With clear needs, frustrations and motivations. Which helped to gain focus in prioritizing user needs for new and existing features.
I developed a feature prioritization matrix for the next steps. I organized a workshop to set up a Google Data Studio dashboard which provided a clear and 24/7 up to date overview of our KPIs that was the goal of the project.


Lead UX research
Workshop facilitation
Data analytics
Presenting to stakeholders
Google Data Studio dashboard setup
Usability tests
  • UX-priorisation matrix