Project Description

UX design


Opportunity for brand awareness on the website of Quickly within 5 sec. provide the customer with a sense of the brand. The products and the usp’s. Also provide a platform for new product introductions.

My Role

I was the primary UX designer on this project, responsible for the wireframes, functional specifications, and visual design for the Aquarius and Chaudfontaine brandpage. I also collaborated with the AH team.

Design process

The page will be visited by customers who 1. don’t know the product or brand. 2. customers who want more information on a specific product. Their goal is getting groceries so they need info quick info and inspiration. We need strong brand images, clear communication off USP’s and provide service and inspiration by f.e. recipe suggestions and the opportunity to quickly add to their basket.


Example of one of the wireframes

Brought to Life

ux design website