Project Description

Efteling zoetrope


Pitch a concept for a permanent experience design at the Efteling. Something that would speak to the audience of the park and equally blended and added value.


In 2015 when the initial concept of the Zoetrope was given the green light we started the concept fase.
I had seen in real life the amazing Pixar Zoetrope who had played with this device of pre-film animation and when I did a search to find someone to create this in the Netherlands, came across the zoetrope Octomadness created by Klaas-Harm de Boer. We then asked him to work on this zoetrope for the Efteling.

The entire process was in close collaboration with the design team of the Efteling. The leading identity was that of the Efteling with the fantastic heritage of Anton Pieck.

Experience design Zoetrope


Mid 2015 we had the first meetings with the Efteling and Klaas-Harm de Boer to align the concept with both brand identities.
We found the perfect location on the park in Station Oost. The zoetrope would be inside a tailormade bagage depot. This bagage depot would be the decor of the zoetrope. Protected from the outdoors, dark enough for the strobe lights to work and with enough space for visitors to walk around.
The design of the bagagedepot was done by the Efteling design team.

We then created a storyline, with elements of Station Oost, like the monkeys and the travellers, to be the basis of the zoetrope.
Klaas-Harm created the characters which were printed with a 3d printer and later painted by hand.

Final product

In june 2016 the zoetrope launched at the Efteling in the area of station oost.


Design team Efteling – Concept, art direction, technical drawings, music.
Klaas – Harm de Boer – Character design, concept, 3d modelling, interaction design
Next EmpireĀ  – Production

My role

Concept, pitch & art direction

The aftermovie