Snapchat.. other than that teens use it to send, temporarily visible pictures (they last up to 10sec), to friends I didn’t know or use it much.
So I thought it was time to dig in and find out what all the fuss was about.. I quickly learned about this new ’thing’ the so called Snapchat artists.

Snapchat is huge among teens and apparently 71% of the users is between 15-24. 2/5th of the users in USA use it everyday.
As I thought mostly to send pictures or video to selected friends but as written in this article* al lot of the fun for these teens is looking, or creating snapchat art.

So then what is a snapchat artist?

Well.. where instagram is used for showcasing the perfectly styled works of art, Snapchat is more authentic and playfull.
“Snapchat isn’t about capturing the traditional Kodak moment. It’s about communicating with the full range of human emotion — not just what appears to be pretty or perfect”.~Wikipedia
This makes for an entire new medium where artist are drawing on their snaps and altering the reality of the photo they have taken.

Becoming a professional snapchat artist? It is possible apparently.

Cyrene Quiamco (CyreneQ) she is a real snapchat celebrity (and freelance graphic designer)
f.e. she was asked to cover the 2015 VMA’s.
She creates Snapart that teens really respond to and interact with and she involves them by making them part of the story. She had partnerships with Budweiser, Disney and Burger King who use her creative snapchat skills.
And also started the platform on which she features, promotes and connects artist and storytellers.

Mike Plato (MPlatco) is a self proclaimed professional Snapchat artist, next to consultant and strategist. He creates fun snaps for a living, clients including Waltdisney, Grubhub and others.

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I also really enjoy the works of Geir Ove Pederson (geohsnap) he takes pictures of unsuspecting people he sees on the street and with some creative doodles he gives them a whole new story.

And one last example is Dasha Battelle (dabttll) from New York. She says on her about page’ Snapchat artist / enthusiast” She is also an artist who likes to use Snapchat for storytelling and creating an alternate reality on Snapchat.

There are some more established art institutions on Snapchat and their all about fun and taking themselves not very serious.
A nice example is, the Los Angeles county museum of art. (LACMA_museum) They were the first to join on Snapchat and share famous works of art and turn them into a fun snap with creative captions.

IMG_9769Starting with 0 friends I at least now have a regular snapchat feed filled with designers to entertain and inspire me.
And as I am curious about the medium I created my first Snapart using my finger. Not my best work but I believe it could definitely be useful to sometimes limit yourself with tools to get creative idea’s and also I really like the storytelling aspect of Snapchat.

So to finish of what tools do you need to become the next SnapChat artist? a Phone, a Stylus pen would be useful but actually your finger is fine and some creative imagination. Have fun!